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How to Increase Youtube Watch Time?
Date2022-11-22 13:33
Last Edit2023-12-04 14:01
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How to Increase Youtube Watch Time?

Youtube has recently put forward strict conditions on advertising partnership. In this context, in order to earn money on Youtube, you must have completed 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time in the last 12 months. If your channel does not meet these conditions, you cannot place Youtube ads on your videos. Although these conditions are not important for old publishers, we can say that it is a difficult path for those who are new to Youtube and produce content, especially for new publishers, making money is a very important incentive and power source in producing content. In this article, we will share with you our knowledge and experience on increasing watch time.

What is Youtube Watch Time?

Watch time is the amount of time users spend on your video. The longer viewers stay in your video and the more they watch your video, the more watch time you will get. For example, let's say you have a 1 hour video, if 1 viewer watches the video continuously, without rewinding, this viewer will give you exactly 60 minutes, that is, 1 hour of watching time. In other words, if you want to complete the 4000 hours watch time requirement quickly, we can say that you need to produce content that is as long as possible and that will keep users on the video.

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How Many Hours Have I Watched on Youtube?

If you are wondering how many hours you watched on Youtube, you can easily observe it on your panel. The first method is to enter the analysis page on Youtube Studio. This page displays your watch time information. The thing you need to pay attention to is to change the display range to "last 365 days" in the upper right corner. Youtube considers the last 1 year for the watch time condition.

How to Increase Youtube Watch Time?

Is My Channel Suitable for Monetization?

If β€œIs my channel suitable for monetization?” If you are looking for a clearer answer to the question, it is possible to get clear information about this issue on Youtube Studio. After logging into Youtube Studio, you can see clear statistics about whether your channel is suitable for monetization by clicking on the "Monetization" tab in the menu in the section.

Youtube Monetization

How Can I Increase My Watch Time?

The first thing you need to do to increase your watch time is to prepare your content for a minimum of 10 minutes. The issue you need to pay attention to here is to keep the viewer in the video for the maximum time. Therefore, your content should not be boring. Users should not close the video or fast forward the video. If you want to increase your watch time quickly, you can take a look at our Youtube Watch Time service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Youtube Watch Time?

Youtube watch time briefly; is the sum of the times users watched your video. The longer people stay on your video, the more watch time you will get. If you have a 10-minute video and 1 user watched this video for 6 minutes and closed it, this video and the user will give you 6 minutes of watching time.

How to Get 4000 Hours of Views on Youtube?

To gain watch time, it is necessary to ensure that users watch the video for the maximum amount of time. Turning off the video immediately won't save you watch time. In this context, it should be aimed for the user to watch the video until the end. On the other hand, if you want to fill your 4000 hours of watch time quickly, you can use our Youtube Watch Times service.

How Many Views on Youtube 4000 Hours of Views?

There is no clear answer to the question of how many views are in 4 thousand hours on Youtube. Because watch time is related to how long the watching user watches the video, not the viewership rate. If one user watches the video for 60 minutes and 6 users watch the video for 10 minutes, it will gain watch time at the same rate.

How Long Should a Youtube Video Be?

If you want to achieve the most efficient result in terms of both watch time and ad revenue performance from the content you create on Youtube, your video duration should be at least 10 minutes. In this way, more ads are shown and you can get more effective results in terms of watch time.

How to Check Youtube Watch Time?

After logging into Youtube Studio, click Analytics from the menu. Here is your watch time information, but there is an important detail. From the top right, you need to set the display range to Last 365 days. Because Youtube considers the last 1 year for the condition of 4000 hours. If your watch time falls below 4000 hours in the last 1 year, your advertising partnership will be automatically deactivated.

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