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QR Code Generator

Generate QR Code


To create a QR, enter the link that the QR code will direct you to in the box above.


Click the "Generate QR Code" button. (This process may take time depending on the density.)


When the process is completed, you can save the generated code to your device by clicking the "Download QR Code" button.

Frequently Asked Questions For QR Code Generator
What is QR Code?

QR Code is defined as instant access to the confidential information contained in the code, which means quick response. These codes, which usually consist of black and white pixel patterns, have gained popularity with the increasing importance of smartphones today and their use has increased.

Where is QR Code Used?

In the marketing and promotion sector, QR codes are used to provide faster access to information about the promotion and marketing of services. QR codes are used in many areas such as receiving payments from customers, accessing social media accounts as well as web pages, browsing the catalog and price list, and getting comments on products and services.

Is QR Code Generator Free?

Yes! The QR codes you will create on are free and unlimited. You can start using the free QR Code generator service right now.

Does QR Code Expire?

No! The QR codes you will create on do not have a certain duration. QR codes are static and are available indefinitely. You can take advantage of our indefinite QR Code generator service for free right now.

How to Scan QR Code?

You can scan the generated QR code using the camera application of your iOS, Android and other smart mobile devices.

How Many Times Can a QR Code Be Scanned?

The generated QR codes can be scanned unlimitedly.

Can QR Code Be Edited/Modified After Generating?

After creating a QR code, it cannot be edited or changed. For this reason, before creating a QR code, you should make sure that the connection you will use is correct and permanent. If the link used does not work, your QR code will not work either.

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