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Youtube multi tv application is a free application offered by SS Market. On this page, you can watch the live streams you want at the same time. You can edit the channels you want to follow by clicking the "Multi TV settings" button.

Multi TV Settings

Frequently Asked Questions For Youtube Multi TV

What is Youtube Multi TV?

Youtube Multi TV is a free tool that allows you to watch multiple live streams you want to view on a single page. You can run this tool only with content from Youtube.

What is Youtube Multi TV Used for?

For example, by viewing live news streams on Youtube together, you can be instantly informed about important developments. In this way, you will not miss important news and you will be able to follow it instantly.

How to Use Youtube Multi TV?

After clicking on the Multi TV page, which you can access via, the "Multi TV Settings" button will appear. When you click this button, you can complete your process through the options to add and save the live stream extension.

Attention: When you want to add a Youtube live stream link, you must add the extension of the live stream link to the relevant button. For example; XEJM4Hcgd4M

Is Youtube Multi TV Free?

Youtube Multi TV is a free tool offered by SS Market.

Which Platforms Links Does Youtube Multi TV Work With?

Youtube Multi TV can only work with Youtube links. Links added outside the Youtube platform will not work.

Can Different Links Be Added to Youtube Multi TV Apart from Live Stream?

You can run Youtube Multi TV tool not only with Live streams but also with Youtube videos. Links added outside the Youtube platform will not work.


Enter the channel name and live stream link extension. You can sort it by dragging it as you want it to appear.


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