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Shorten URL Copy


Copy the URL (link) address you want to shorten and paste it into the box above.


Click the "Shorten" button. (This process may take time depending on the density.)


When the process is completed, you can start using the short link by pressing the "copy" button.


To shorten the new URL, delete the link in the box and paste the new URL.

Frequently Asked Questions For URL Shortener

What is URL Shortener? What Does It Do?

The link shortener is a useful tool that automatically redirects any long URL to a shorter one. The short link builder, or link shortener, may seem simple, but it has a significant impact on our business lives. The link shortener tool allows us to prepare more organized and reliable studies by converting long and complex links into a short link.

How to Shorten Link?

Link shortening is now very easy for free and without software! Thanks to the Link shortener tool on our website, you can shorten long and complex links free of charge and without a program. To use the free link shortener tool, it will be enough to enter the url address you want to shorten in the box at the top.

Can I Use the Short Link on My Social Media Profiles?

Yes, this is possible! You can shorten any URL you want for free with the SS Market link shortener tool. You can place the shortened URL in the bio section of your social media profiles.

Do Short Links Expire?

The short links you create with the SS Market link shortener do not expire. You can use the indefinite link shortening service as much as you want and for as long as you want.

Why Link Shortening?

URL shortening brings many advantages. Thanks to short links, you can have the opportunity to access websites more quickly. Another advantage is ease of use. Shortened URLs can be copied with clicks to save time and provide ease of sharing. Since short links have a more simple and pleasant structure than long and complex links, they can be easily added to parts such as social media biographies.

Why Should I Choose SS Market Over Other URL Shorteners?

The biggest feature that distinguishes SS Market from other brands is that it is completely free and can apply indefinite link shortening. Many link shortener brands provide paid and advertised services. On the contrary, you can access the ad-free link shortening service for free on SS Market.

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